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Vernika Brooks
How To Chance Cheque Screen Color In QuickBooks Software
QuickBooks accounting software allows its users to configure the settings of their account as per their need and its user-friendly interface make user easily do the changes. By fine-tuning a few settings in QuickBooks make you able to change different color for each bank account, so you can simply get on which account you make changes. QuickBooks accounting is the smart choice that leads your business to a high notch. Its advanced technology makes you complete your work more quickly and efficiently. It will make your task easy; you can save your accounts detail and directly send or receive payment to the primary account. To Buy Quickbooks Desktop Version on your windows or Mac device you can navigate to the link and set up the product with our best assistance.

Here you can follow to change the color of the cheque screen-

  • Navigate to the cheques screen using Banking navigator. Alternatively, you can select Ctrl –W key.
  • When the cheque screen, selects the particular bank account you wish to change the color for.
  • Tap on down arrow beside edit button or press Alt - E key and choose Change Account Color and the color template will occur.
  • Just select the color you want to choose for your cheque screen from the palette and tap on OK. However, you can customize your color using define the custom color menu.
  • To change the color theme for other banks, you can repeat these steps. This will make you easily define which account you are actually in when entering transaction

If you are unable to make changes in your QuickBooks accounting software, make sure you have the latest or subscribed version. Buy Intuit QuickBooks software online and avail all advanced and secure your transactions with intense accounting software. It is helping hands that always make you comfortable to manage your business like a pro. It reduces manpower and stress that one gets to compute the data and money flow.
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